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1.  Review Your Current Hiring Process>>

Many managers short circuit the company’s well thought out hiring process. (i.e., hire based on 1st impression, talk to much in the interview, etc.).  That can result in costly, time-consuming employee performance issues.  This form lets you review how the managers in various functions (exec level, sales, office, entry level) follow your company’s hiring procedures.

2.  Review Your Current Pre-hire Employee Assessment>>

Your company has grown.  Have your employee assessments grown to meet your current needs?

3.  Review Your Hiring Managers>>

Turnover is not always the employees fault.  In this form you identify the strengths and developmental needs of your hiring managers.  Are they “A”, “B” or “C” players?  Would you want to work for them?

3.   Turnover Costs>>

This a comprehensive list of direct and indirect expenses when a company leaves a company.  Do your managers have a real-world understanding of those costs?

4.   10 Business Lessons Learned on a Unicycle 

10 Leadership lessons you can use in business and in life.

5.  The Best Little Book on Hiring>> – FREE  eBook

This 58 page book will you information on a new way to look at job descriptions, interview evaluation forms, how to hire like
successful coaches who are always dealing with turnover – yet are responsible for fielding a winning team.  Hiring can be your
competitive advantage.

6.  Great Advice – NO Lectures™  – FREE  eBook

We asked over 10,000 people to answer this question:  What is the BEST ADVICE you ever received?  We compiled the best 200+ answers and added some fun and interesting additional information to help you succeed.