Hiring – Mission Statement

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”    Peter Drucker

Why do I need a Hiring – Mission Statement?

Hiring is the front door to your continued success.

Hiring -Mission Statement – a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your Mission Statement.  It becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to gain a competitive advantage with your hiring.

Example:  We want to hire passionate, innovative individuals who have a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

Will all your new employees meet the Hiring Mission Statement criteria? Unfortunately not.  Your goal is to strive for critical mass – where more and more employees do meet you hiring statement.

NOTE:  If the company does not have a Hiring – Mission Statement, you can develop one that is specific to your area of responsibility.

How is this different?

Many companies have developed a wonderful Mission Statement ten or more years ago.  Great effort was taken to develop it, and with pride it is displayed on the website and in the receptionist area.  Question: Do your new employees have buy-in to the message?

Our goal is to help you engrain the Hiring – Mission Statement into the selection and promotion process.   This will greatly enhance your overall Mission Statement.

To that end, we have developed three strategic Hire to Compete™ forms — Job Outlook™, Interview Evaluation, Hiring Decision.  These forms insure that your Hiring – Mission Statement is in front of your hiring managers throughout the selection or promotion process.  The forms are designed to increase a manager’s ownership and accountability for their hiring decisions.

Need help in developing your Mission Statement – Hiring? How can we help you?