Hiring Mission Statement

The Hiring Mission Statement is a short, positive, non-discriminating expression about the employee characteristics you need to fulfill your Mission Statement.

Why do I need a Hiring Mission Statement?

Once developed and integrated into your hiring process, it becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to drive your Mission Statement.

Example #1:  We want to hire individuals who will take ownership of their job responsibilities and who wantimage to improve themselves and the company.

Example #2:  We want to hire passionate individuals who are determined to help our clients succeed.  Never compromise by making a quick hiring decision.

Example #3:  We want to hire passionate, innovative individuals who have a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

Will all your employees meet your Hiring Mission Statement criteria? Probably not, but your goal in a high turnover environment is to strive for critical mass – where more and more employees do.

If the company does not have one, can I still use the Hiring Mission Statement in my area of responsibility?Absolutely! Ideally, companies would make it an indispensable part of the hiring process. In reality, some companies are not ready to implement it throughout the company. You can still use it.

Here are some examples for specific areas:

Sales Organization:  We want enthusiastic individuals who understand we are in a relationship  business, and who are passionate about helping their clients succeed.

Accounting Department:  We want honest individuals with an analytical mind, sound business judgment and creative problem solving skills.

Warehouse Positions:  We want honest, hard working, safety conscious individuals.

As a cautious note, it should not be on external documents included on job descriptions that are posted on the Internet. Reason: Armed with that information candidates will simply tailor their interview a certain way to meet your criteria.

Does it Conflict with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Statement?

No. The wording is a positive expression of the qualities you are looking for in all employees.  These qualities can reside with anyone without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or sexual orientation.

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