Seminar – How NOT to Hire a Turkey

Whole industries are changing literally overnight.  This is NOT your standard hiring seminar.


Hiring Seminar – How NOT to Hire a Turkey

Bad news:  I was a turkey.  A good person, but a bad hire for one company.

I’ve owned two successful companies and lead a sales force of over 300 people. Yet, with one company, I did not fit their culture or my manager. In short, it was a bad fit.

Good news:  I learned first-hand how much stress my co-workers, my family and I experienced during a difficult sixteen months period.  Twenty-five years ago, I left that company and started a management consulting company.  Goal: To improve employee engagement by helping managers put people in the right job with the right manager and culture.  Benefits: Reduced workplace stress and more employee engagement.

Topics for the How Not to Hire a Turkey seminar: 

  • The company already has a Mission Statement.  What is a Hiring – Mission Statement and why do I need it?
  • Why are job descriptions sooooo yesterday?  With minimum effort, how you can capture a manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position – in writing and with their signature.
  • Quality pre-hire assessments are the least expensive way to increase the company’s talent and employee engagement.  Unfortunately, some people use them as a crutch.  How can we use them more effectively?
  • Candidates are saying “Validate what I bring to the table.” Once identified, how will you help this person to learn, grow and succeed.
  • There are four key questions that relate to talent, job responsibilities, team members and the manager’s responsibility. The interview process must answer these four key questions before any hiring decision is made.
  • Onboarding – What is the difference between formal and informal on-boarding for new employees? Which is more important?
  • The importance of a periodic Hits and Misses meeting.  Focus on positive ways to improving the hiring techniques for the company and individual managers.

Hiring is the front door to your future success.™  You can gain a competitive advantage by adding these ideas to you existing hiring process.  Net result:  You’ll hire more people who are aligned with your Hiring – Mission Statement, the job, the manager and your culture, and…fewer turkeys.

How can we help you?

We offer seminars, pre and post hire assessments, help in developing a Hiring – Mission Statement and strategic hiring forms.

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