How NOT to Hire a Turkey

We help “B” managers hire “A” players?

Not all hiring managers are “A” players.  Yet, they are tasked with hiring people more talented than themselves.  That’s where we come in.  This seminar is one of several tools we use to increase the company’s talent.

——-   This is NOT your standard hiring seminar  ——-

How NOT to Hire a Turkey

Bad news:  I was a good person, but a bad fit for one company.  Essentially, a “turkey”.”

I’ve owned two successful companies and lead a sales force of over 300 people. Yet, with one company, I did not fit their culture or my manager. In short, it was a bad fit.

Good news:  I learned first-hand how much stress my co-workers, my family and I experienced during a difficult sixteen months period.

Twenty-five years ago, I left that company and started a management consulting company.  Goal: To improve employee engagement by helping managers hire individuals that fit the job, the manager’s style and the company’s culture. Benefits: Reduced workplace stress and more employee engagement.

Employees today are saying: “I’m bringing “x” to this job.  Validate what I’m bringing and help me grow as a person.”

Young employees are more than a simple cliché – they never stay at a company very long.   They vote on the manager and/or company with their feet.  Companies stuck in the past will pay a heavy price.  Companies who embrace rapid, unrelenting change will be rewarded.  Young people are the catalyst.

This seminar will give you a competitive advantage!

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