PXT Select

Candidates are saying: “Validate what I bring to the table or lose me as an employee.”

Picture your managers hiring more highly engaged, proactive team members that fit your culture.  Imagine hiring as a competitive advantage. What could you accomplish?

Top Companies Choose PXT Select           

Unlike other assessments, PXT Select uses adaptive testing, which is more accurate, less susceptible to manipulation, and will give you invaluable information about the candidate’s cognitive ability, behavioral traits and motivational interests.

We help you eliminate the “Interview Pros” and hire more Top Performers.

The PXT Select scientifically validates what a candidate “brings to the table.”  Your hiring process then must answer one question.  The Selection Report will indicate job fit and give you invaluable insight on the person’s culture fit.

Features of the PXT Select

  • The PXT Select makes hiring decisions simpler and easier
  • PXT Select fills the gap between the resume and the interview.
  • Measures a candidate’s problem-solving skills, behavioral traits and interests
  • Compares their results to a customized job benchmark developed specifically for your company
  • Targeted interview questions with “Listen for” ideas
  • Reports delivered in minutes and available 24/ on multiple platforms
  • Take one assessment  – 10 reports available
  • USED for: Selection, promotions, onboarding, leadership, sales, manager fit, team building and succession planning


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John Bishop