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We work C-Suite executives and HR professionals to make hiring your competitive advantage.

Many companies have updated their selection process with new software and new job descriptions.  Important, but not enough for today’s rapidly changing business climate.

Virtually overnight whole industries are being overwhelmingly changed –  i.e., taxi, hotel, grocery delivery, robots, drones, transportation, banking, retail, etc.   In most cases, the old hiring models are not keeping up with this revolutionary change.  The type of person a company needs today maybe vastly different than three years from now.  Is your company keeping up?

We Offer Our Clients:

1.    Develop a Mission Statement – Hiring

A short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your Mission Statement.  When        hiring, the Hiring Statement is in front of your managers and becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to gain a competitive advantage with your hiring.

       Example:  We want to hire passionate, innovative people with a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

2.   Pre and post hire employee assessments

For selection, promotions, motivational intensity, sales aptitude, sales team development, career development, onboarding, leadership development, problem solving, etc.  100% Internet, instant results, available 24/7 on multiple platforms

3.  Strategic Hire to CompeteForms

Look at your current job descriptions and interview evaluation forms.  In most cases, they are generic and do not include strategic                information.  You can dramatically improve your competitiveness by introducing a strategic element to all hires.

With a Job Outlook form, secure a manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position – in writing and with their signatures – BEFORE your hiring process begins.  Then, with an enhanced Interview Evaluation form carries that strategic information through the entire hiring process.  With the hiring manager’s signature comes ownership, accountability and process review.

4.   Change Management Training and Consulting on Hiring Issues 

We offer a free, confidential 30 Minute consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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