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We work senior executives and HR professionals to make hiring your competitive advantage.

Many companies have updated their selection process with new software and new job descriptions.  Important, but not enough for today’s rapidly changing business climate where industries are being monumentally changed virtually overnight.  i.e. Uber, Airbnb, grocery delivery, drones, etc.   Most hiring models are not keeping up.

Improving employee engagement and retention rates.   

Managers are a major cause for employees “turning off” and/or turning over.  They are also a major way to improve those rates.  It  starts with having the best managers hiring the right people. Isn’t that happening now?  Not always.  A major problem with turnover is people are elevated to roles of responsibility before they have been trained.

We help companies instill an attitude throughout the organization where managers hire like successful coaches.  Focus, trust, mutual respect, clear objectives, preparation, always looking for ways to improve, thinking strategically, and effective communications.  With training seminars and new strategic tools we help managers evaluate their current talent, their team’s depth strength and talent gaps.

Benefits for Your Company

We empower managers to select more  top performing employees…..Hire more “Rain Maker” sales people…..Reduce costly employee turnover…..Hire more employees who come to work on time and who are ready to work…..Increase employee engagement…..Reduce employee theft, safety and workers comp issues….. Improve customer service

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