What We Do

We work senior executives to make hiring your competitive advantage.

Many companies have recently updated their selection process with new software and new job descriptions.  Important, but not enough for today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing business climate.  Candidates can read books on the best answers to interview questions and often have multiple resumes focused on a specific job, industry or location.  Additionally, they can have their resumes professionally written with enough keywords for your company’s resume sorting software to kick their’s out for an interview.

We help you make hiring your competitive advantage.  How?

1.  Help you develop your Hiring Mission Statement – a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics you need to fulfill your Mission Statement.

2.  Strategic Hire to Compete forms – capture the hiring manager’s thoughts (in writing and with a signature) about the open position, their current team and the desired candidate.

3.  The PXT Select assessment that measures thinking, behavioral traits and interests and compares the candidate’s scores to top performer benchmarks set up specifically for your company

4.  Enhance your hiring process to select candidates that fit your culture not just the job

5.  Effective onboarding

Benefits for Your Company

We empower managers to select more  top performing employees…..to hire more “Rain Maker” sales people…..Reduce costly employee turnover…..Hire more employees who come to work on time and who are ready to work…..Increase employee engagement…..Reduce employee theft, safety and workers comp issues….. Improve customer service


We offer a free, confidential 30 Minute consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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