Types of Hiring Managers

Hiring is the front door to your success. Hiring managers are your doormans!

Are any of these hiring managers in your organization?

1. The “Salesman”

Makes their hiring decision in the first ten minutes and then spends the rest of the interview selling the candidate on the company and the job. Would you buy a $60,000 machine based on first impressions?

2. The “We Both Like the Same Things”

The manager and candidate find common ground – same school, hobby or sports team. The interview stops immediately, and the social discussion begins.

3. The “I’m a Good Judge of Character”

A manager’s ego gets in the way of a good hiring decision.

4. The “Talker”

This hiring manager has not heard about the power of listening, and overpowers the candidate by talking, talking, talking.

5. The “Not Prepared”

Manager starts the interview with “give me a few seconds to read your resume.”

6. The “I Need Someone – Now”

These managers are under a lot of pressure to “make their numbers.” They hire to solve a short-term problem. Unfortunately, their decisions can have long-term consequences. I.e., customer service issues, workers comp, quality problems, etc.

7. The “This isn’t My First Rodeo”

This is the “that’s the way we have always done it” manager. This manager often ignores HR’s strategic hiring plans, discussions on employment trends, suggested interview questions, etc.

Are you one of these managers or are they in your company? Compare the seven managers listed above with a hiring pro.

The “Hiring Pro”

They view hiring as an opportunity to increase talent in their area. Like a successful coach, they are always learning and finding ways to do things better. The hiring pro has a clear vision for their department and they understand their group’s talent gaps. They work with HR to define what an “A” player would look like for the job opening. They are fully prepared for the interviews and clearly evaluate each candidate against the “A” player benchmark. Hiring pros know how to ask probing questions and follow questions to get more information. They know how to listen.

Hiring pros are focused and take full ownership of their hiring decision. The pros ask themselves: “How will I help this employee learn, grow and succeed – quickly.” They have a detailed on-boarding plan that includes one month, three month and six months expectations goals.

Do your hiring managers need some coaching from an objective, 3rd party with lots of experience?  How can we help you?