Eliminate the title Manager and replace it with Coach.

Young employees know there will always be decision makers, but how we gather, analyze and disseminate information has changed forever.  A manager’s title suggests a top-down decision making process.  By contrast, a coach understands the only way to be successful is for everyone to be motivated, focused and working together on the same goal.  Take the following example:

Manager’s Title                                     

With today’s intensely competitive business climate, too many managers are thrown into the job with very little training.  Too often the person was the best at a particular task, so they made him/her the manager of the department.  The boss may have the best intentions, but can’t provide all the necessary support because they are loaded down with enough work stress for two people.  Basically, the newly promoted manager will have to hit the ground running and learn on the job.  The good managers will thrive in this environment.  Unfortunately, the average and poor managers will always be running behind the employee issues that negatively impact sales, costs and profits.

Coach’s Title

Now let’s take the same situation, and simply change the title to COACH.  The person is promoted to a position of responsibility without enough training or support.  With the title of Coach on their business cards, and in all of their communications, this person is reminded daily of what needs to get done to be successful.  They are not there to manage; they are there to successfully lead their team.

The new person takes more ownership of the position. He/she can emulate successful coaches by establishing a vision, providing a direction, discipline, accountability, flexibility, motivational intensity and a can-do mental toughness for the team.

The new Coach would clearly evaluate the talent and bench strength for each position within the team.  Then, the coach would develop an action plan to make the necessary improvements.  Selecting new talent would become a top priority.  The coach would develop a farm team in case one of his team members is hurt or leaves the company.  In addition, a coach’s responsibility is to also identify, develop and motivate the potential future leaders. A manager’s title suggests top-down decision making process.

By the simple act of changing the business title to Coach you will remind the person  what their responsibilities are.  Do you want to work for a Manager who doesn’t want to rock the boat? Or, would you like to work for a Coach that understands the only way for the team to succeed, is to help each team member succeed?

P.S.   The President’s title could change to Head Coach.  The Vice President could be Head Coach – Operations, for example.

John Bishop, Head Coach                                                           www.AccentonSuccess.com