Core Beliefs

  • Hiring is the front door to your future success
  • Employees today are saying: “Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.”

Goal:   To help you make hiring your competitive advantage

Fundamentally, does your company use the same hiring process as your competition?

For example: job descriptions, telephone and face-to-face interviews, behavioral based interview questions, background checks, etc.

What if you could keep those things – yet – gain a competitive advantage.  How?  The company hires fewer people because the new team members fit the culture, the job, the team and the manager.  Advantage:  More motivated and engaged employees.

Hiring pitfalls:

Most companies have well thought out hiring methods…. BUT:

  1. Manager may be “doing their own thing
  2. I’m a good judge of character” managers
  3. Managers who blame HR – “we would have hired better if HR had gotten us better candidates”
  4. New managers who are hiring before getting the company’s training
  5. Hiring seminars that focus almost exclusively on the legal with little emphasis on strategic hiring methods
  6. People are promoted because of their longevity rather than their ability to select, train and motivate good people


  1. Everyone on the same hiring page and accountable. There is a Mission Statement – Hiring
  2. Capture the manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position in writing with a signature before the process begins (15 minutes)
  3. The interview evaluation form evaluates candidates against those strategic needs
  4. Pre-hire assessment to validate what the candidates are bringing to the position (thinking, behavioral traits, interest) with targeted interview questions
  5. Hire Like a Successful Coach training with emphasis on the 4 key questions all interviews must answer about the candidate
  6. Have both the formal and informal on-boarding process in sync
  7. There is a strategic paper trail for each hire and promotion that is part of the annual review of the hits and misses Always with an eye to toward refining and improving the hiring process

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