We can’t stop change, but we can change how we react to it. 

Title:  How to Make Hiring Your Competitive Advantage

Goal: Eliminate the five deadly sins of hiring

Overview: Everything in the world is changing – including hiring.  Your competitors are making changes to their hiring process, are you?

This seminar will teach you how to eliminate: 1) candidate looked good but performed poorly, 2) hiring based on a candidate’s first impressions, 3) relying too heavily on job postings for qualified candidates, 4) “that’s the way we have always done it” mentality, and 5) how to significantly improve your on-boarding process.

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Title:  Don’t Want to be the Skunk at the Picnic, but……                     Puzzle parts

Goal:  7 actionable steps for developing high performing inter-generational teams  

Overview:  Jack Welch. retired CEO of General Electric, once said: “The team with the best players wins.” Today, he might phrase it: “The company with the best inter- generational teams wins.”

This is NOT a standard talk about Millennials. But, within 5 years Millennials will be over 50% of the workforce (currently they are only 21%).  The balance will consist of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and soon today’s teens – Gen Z.  

In a very real sense, Baby Boomers are the “brakes” to the rapid and unrelenting change young people envision.  But, they are retiring at 10,000/day.   

Hold on, this will be exciting! Is your company ready?

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Title:  What can Managers Learn from Head Coaches?

Goal:  10 Principle of Highly Successful Head Coaches

Overview:  Employee engagement and retention are problems in most companies.  In fact, it spite of a company’s best efforts they may get worst.  Why? Shortly, young people will be over 50% of the workforce and they look at work differently. You can change the workforce demographics, then it’s time to change your perspective.

Head coaches have always had to deal with high turnover, yet they are responsible for fielding a winning team.  They don’t simply fill openings that come up unexpectedly.  They look at talent selection development strategically and have a written plan.  What can managers learn from successful head coaches?  Everything.

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Title:  Strategic Hiring Tips for Executives

Goal:  7 ways your managers and take more ownership and accountability for the hiring decisions

Overview:  Why is this important?  Two reasons: 1) Most managers do not hire above their self-image. 2) Question: Are all of your hiring managers and supervisors “A” or at least “B+” players?

In most companies there are well thought out hiring procedures that are simply short circuited by independent manager, hiring decisions that are based on a candidate’s first impression or a manager not wanting to hire above his/her self-image.

This seminar is designed to develop a strategic paper trail for all hiring decisions.  Then, the hiring decisions can annually reviewed with an eye to improving the process.

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Title:  On – Boarding Millennials

Goal:  5 actionable steps to upgrade your current on-boarding process

Overview:  A company in St Louis gives their new employees 6 – 8 classroom hours of orientation on first day.  All important material, but too a young employee – boring.  But, it’s dry and does not hold most of the attendees attention.   No surprise, the company has a turnover rate over 45%.  The supervisors blame the employee by saying “young people today don’t want to work.” Wrong.

They want to work, but they are saying “Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.”  Progressive on-boarding is a two way street. This seminar gives managers a new way to look at the on-boarding process.

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