Difficult employees can cost your company tons of money.

Did You Know?

• 85% of employees leave due to conflict in the supervisor/employee relationship.

• 50% of an employee’s work satisfaction depends on the relationship with his or her supervisor.

• Executives were found to spend a minimum of one month per year dealing with personality conflicts.


This assessment is used to provide insight into specific managerial compatibility between managers and their direct reports. It also provides specific steps to increase manager and employee productivity to endorse better workplace compatibility.

They take up manager’s time, affect employee morale and potentially can lead to costly quality problems, customer service issues or workman’s comp claims.

The Profiles Managerial Fit assessment measures critical workplace compatibility factors between managers (executive, director, supervisor, team leader, etc.) and their employee(s) to determine managerial fit. Understanding the dynamics of the supervisor-subordinate relationship helps the manager work more effectively with each employee by recognizing where their perspectives are similar and where they differ.