Why do 20% of your sales people produce 80% of your sales?????

All good salespeople can sell themselves in an interview.  So, how do you separate the “interview pros” from the legitimate sales pros?

Want a sales pro?  Hire a DOG.

At one point in my career, I was the VP – Sales for a 300-person sales team. When hiring a sales pro, I always looked for a DOG.  A person with a strong sense of urgency plus D = disciplined, O = organized and someone with G = grit (courage, toughness).

I’ve interviewed plenty of DOGs that I didn’t hire.  Yes, they had the basics, but those individuals didn’t fit my management style or the

company’s culture.  Before making any hiring decision, I had to answer “yes” to these five questions.

  •   Do I want to work with this person?
  •   Would I want this person calling on me?
  •   Can I trust this person?
  •   Is this a “we” person or an “it’s all about me” person?
  •   Will this candidate represent the company’s core values?

To help answer these questions:

I developed two strategic hiring forms and used the PXT Select – Sales pre-hire assessment to measure 20 items including the candidate’s problem-solving skills, behavioral traits and interests.  The candidate’s results were compared to a benchmarked of my current top performers.

Additionally, the report includes interview questions and invaluable insight on the candidate in seven (7) sales critical areas:

  • Prospecting
  • Building and maintaining relationships
  • Closing sales
  • Self-starter
  • Resourcefulness
  • Coachability
  • Working with a team

These tools gave me the confidence that I was making the right decision.  Is hiring your competitive advantage?

How can we help you hire more Sales Pros?

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John Bishop