Strategic Hiring Forms

3 New Strategic Hiring Forms:

Job descriptions capture only the most basic information – duties, responsibilities, education, experience, travel, etc.  All important, but…..

What if you captured the manager’s strategic thoughts (in writing and with a signature) about their current team and the open position BEFORE the hiring process begins.   And, carry that important information through the interviews and the actual hiring decision.  Additional time needed:

Adds roughly 15 minutes to your current hiring process.  One price for all 16 forms.

1. Job Outlook™ Form


Interview Evaluation Form

3. Hiring Decision Form

Strategic information  added-on to your existing job description.   Hiring managers take 15 minutes to fill out the form.  They review their existing team. Then they detail the job position needs – includes biggest challenges, future needs, the company’s Hiring Statement, 1, 3, 6 month expectation goals, and more.  Form is signed by the manager before the hiring process begins.

Job Outlook Forms Sample

Drive your job description and the strategic information from the Job Outlook form through all interviews. This form includes reminders on what a manager can and cannot say during an interview.  It also includes this question: As the hiring manager, what will you do to help this person succeed – quickly?  The form is signed.

Competitive Hiring

Similar to the Interview Evaluation form. Used when you want to compare 2 or more qualified candidates.

Competitive Hiring

One price for all 16 forms

–  Job Outlook™, Interview Evaluation, and Hiring Decision

Job Position Job Outlook Form Interviews Evaluation Form Hiring Decision Form Investment Cart
All Purpose




Customer Service

Entry Level


All 16 forms for $79.95/total


  • Please do not forward the Hire to Compete™ forms to individuals outside of your company
  • If you move to another company, please purchase the Hire to Compete™ forms for your new company
  • Entry Level Form is for high turnover areas – Because of volume of candidates this price includes only the Interview Evaluation form. It is recommended that you periodically fill out the All Purpose Job Outlook™ form to refocus your thoughts on the specific job priorities for those high volume positions.
  • We offer How Did We Hire This Turkey? seminar (NOT your standard hiring seminar), webinars and consulting based on The Best Little Book on Hiring . In addition we offer state of the art pre-hire assessments and talent management tools
  • Five percent (5%) of all sales goes to Autism Speaks

If you experience any problems with your purchase or download, please email Hire to Compete for assistance.