Hiring – Mission Statement

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”    Peter Drucker

What is a Hiring – Mission Statement?

  • The Hiring – Mission Statement is a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your company’s Mission Statement. It becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to gain a competitive advantage with your hiring. Your goal is to strive for critical mass – where more and more employees meet your Hiring – Mission Statement.

Example:  We want to hire passionate, innovative individuals with a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

NOTE:  If the company does not have a Hiring – Mission Statement, you can develop one specific to your area of responsibility. Absolutely!

Why do I need one?

Most companies developed their Mission Statement ten or more years ago.  They proudly displayed on the website and in the receptionist area.  However, there are three key questions:

1) Do the new employees have buy-in to the company’s overall Mission Statement?

2) Are managers focused on the company’s Mission Statement when hiring?

3) Are all of your hiring managers “on the same page?”

We help companies answer “YES” to these three key questions.

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