Hiring Statement

What is a Hiring Statement?

  • The Hiring Statement defines your culture.
  • It is a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your company’s Mission Statement.  Your goal is to strive for critical mass – where more and more employees meet your Hiring Statement.

Granddaughter – 9 yrs old


– We want to hire passionate, innovative individuals with a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

–  We need honest people with a good analytical skills, sound business judgement and a strong work ethic.

NOTE:  Your Hiring Statement should be on all hiring forms and be part of all interviews and hiring decisions.

Why do I need one?

Most companies developed their Mission Statement ten or more years ago.  They proudly displayed on the website and in the receptionist area.  However, there is one key question:

  • Do your current employees have “buy-in” with a Mission Statement that was developed years ago by people who may no longer with the company?

Once developed, the Hiring Statement becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to fulfill your Mission Statement.

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