Hiring is the FRONT door to your future success.  Your hiring managers are your key!  

We take your excellent current hiring process one step further.  We help hiring managers focus on, and be accountable for, these four questions.  In writing and with their signature.

  • Will this person increase the talent in the department?
  • Will this person take ownership of their job responsibilities?
  • Will this person get along with other team members?
  • What will I do to help this new employee learn, grow and succeed – quickly? 

Who uses our service?

  •   Companies with good, but understaffed HR departments
  •    Companies with “B” managers trying to hire “A” players
  •    Companies with multiple key people retiring
  •    Individual managers who hire less than three times per year
  •    New managers

How we help hiring managers

  • Build a job specific benchmark for the position. Measure a candidate’s cognitive, behavioral traits and interests. Selection report compares candidates to the benchmark.
  • Develop a Hiring Goal – define the employee characteristics needed to succeed
  • Strategic Job Outlook form – focus, focus, focus the hiring manager on the current and future talent gaps.  The world is changing rapidly.
  • Written and signed. The manager answers ten (10) strategic questions about the open position – i.e. what are the biggest challenges, what are your 1, 3 and 6-month expectation goals, etc.
  • Enhanced Interview Evaluation form – include information from the Job Outlook form and the job description
  • Up to 5 scientifically valid assessment reports – selection with interview questions, promotions, career development, leadership, etc.
  • One-on-one consulting with the hiring manager. Focus, ownership and accountability

Hiring is the FRONT door to your future success.  The hiring managers are your key!  We help managers succeed.

We also offer training, pre-hire assessments, employee development tools, strategic hiring forms and consulting.

How can we help you? Trial offer – Save $100 on your next open position.  Call today!

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John Bishop, Hiring Coach