Hiring is the FRONT door to your future success.  Your hiring managers are your key!  

As a hiring coach, I help your managers hire more top performers who fit your culture.  I am an objective, focused business coach with real world experience.  (see About Us)

We help hiring managers focus on four fundamental questions before making their decision.
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1. Will this person increase the talent in the department?
2. Will this person take ownership of their job responsibilities?
3. Will this person get along with other team members?
4. (Maybe the most important question) What will I do to help this person learn, grow and succeed – quickly?

Who uses a Hiring Coach?

  • Companies with “B: managers trying to hire “A” players
  • Companies with multiple key people retiring in the next 2 – 4 years
  • Individual managers who hire less than 5 x/year
  • Good HR departments that are understaffed
  • Sales executives looking for a competitive edge
  • Companies with branch managers

10 ways we help hiring managers

  • Develop a job benchmark developed specifically for your open position.  The benchmark to include information about cognitive, behavioral traits and interests
  • Compare candidates to your top performer job benchmark
  • Selection report will clearly show the candidate’s profile plus specific interview questions
  • Develop a Hiring Goal – clearly define the employee characteristics you need to succeed
  • Strategic Job Outlook form – help managers focus on increasing the talent in their department
  • Enhanced Interview Evaluation form that includes information from the Job Outlook
  • Help managers review of the department’s current talents and gaps
  • Answers ten (10) strategic questions about the open position – i.e. biggest issues, what are the 1, 3 and 6-month expectation goals, etc.
  • Up to 5 scientifically valid assessment reports – promotions, career development, leadership, etc. All reports are instantly available 24/7 on multiple platforms
  • One-on-one consulting about the candidate(s) and the talent needs for the open position.

Pricing per position…1 candidate – $695 ……2 candidates – $895 ……3 candidates – $1,050


We offer training, hiring coaching, pre-hire assessments, employee development tools, strategic hiring forms and consulting

Trial offer – Save $100 on your next open position.  Call today!

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