How NOT to Hire a Turkey

Has your current hiring process keeping up? Seriously?

  • 40MM people voluntarily quit their jobs in 2018, according to Work Institute.  Whole industries are literally changing overnight (Uber, Airbnb, Grub Hub, driverless cars, etc.)
  • Even the best HR departments are having problems keeping up.

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How NOT to Hire a Turkey

My mother-in-law

Bad news:  I was a turkey.  A good person, but a bad fit for one company.

I’ve owned two successful companies and lead a sales force of over 300 people. Yet, with one company, I did not fit their culture or my manager. In short, it was a bad fit.

Good news:  I learned first-hand how much stress my co-workers, my family and I experienced during a difficult sixteen months period.

Twenty-five years ago, I left that company and started a management consulting company.  Goal: To improve employee engagement by helping managers hire individuals that fit the job, the manager’s style and the company’s culture. Benefits: Reduced workplace stress and more employee engagement.

Employees today are saying: “I’m bringing “x” to this job.  Validate what I’m bringing and help me grow as a person.”

Young employees are more than a simple cliché – they never stay at a company very long.   They vote on the manager and/or company with their feet.  Companies stuck in the past will pay a heavy price.  Companies who embrace rapid, unrelenting change will be rewarded.  Young people are the catalyst.

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