• Employers want employees who are self motivated, have a sense of urgency and strong work ethic.

Certainly, there are lots of potential employees that fit that description.   However, candidates have professionally written resumes, have read books on interviewing and many have been coached on the best answers to interview questions.  So who are you really interviewing?  The “fully-prepared-for-the interview” type?  Or, the person who really is self motivated candidate with a strong work ethic and a  sense of urgency.

Avoid Costly Hiring Mistakes

Integrity….Dependable…..Strong Work Ethic … Employees

The Step One Survey II  (SOS) is a pre-employment, integrity test or honesty test that helps employers protect the company’s assets against theft, fraud, embezzlement, and inefficiency.  This integrity assessment is used as a screening tool early in the candidate selection process.  The Step One Survey™ (SOS) develops targeted structured interview questions and measures an individual’s basic work-related values.

This integrity test will help your managers and supervisors reduce employee absenteeism, workman’s comp claims and work ethic issues. With the Step One Survey™  you will have more employees giving you an honest day’s work for an honest days’ pay.

Benefits of the Step One Survey II™ 

_Structured, targeted interview questions
_Select honest hard working employees who will show up for work, ready to work

_Reduce employee theft data, money, time and property
_Remote branches hiring – local decisions but with headquarters oversight

_Reduce absenteeism and tardiness

Volume Based Pricing – starting at under $29……Logistics:  20 minutes to take the integrity test that also measures work ethic and dependability.

How can we help you hire more honest, reliable employees with a strong work ethic and a sense of urgency?

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