Our pre-hire assessments help you identify candidates that’s the best fit for your company.

Why is JOB Fit – JOB Benchmarking so important?

71% of all resumes include misleading and inaccurate information – Society of HR Management study
64% of all hiring decisions are made in the first 5 minutes of an interview –  Harvard Business Review
41% of all hiring decisions are based on the candidate’s first impression – Investors Business Daily

These Job Fit – Job Benchmarking  assessments will help your hiring managers  determine — Can the candidate do the job, Will he/she do the job, and will they be a good fit in your organization.  Assessment should never be a go-no-go gauge.   They provide valuable, objective information about the candidate which helps your managers make more informed hiring decisions.


psatraining, managing, and succession planning. This employee assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization, and the results can be used during the training or succession planning stages

•  Measures thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests on current employees or candidates
• Validated to over 500,000 people
• Develops specific job benchmarks for your company
• Structured interview questions
• Can be used throughout your company’s operations

Compare Your Current Assessment (two pages)


2.  Profiles Sales Assessment

Like the Profiles XT, but with information about 6 sales -critical areas: call reluctance, closing the sale, building psarelationships, working with a team, prospecting and self-starting.

The sales assessment assists sales leaders in identifying, developing and retaining TOP sales people. This tool allows leaders and organizations to effectively drive sales, increase employee satisfaction and leverage top performers to increase market penetration.

• Develops specific job benchmarks based on your top performers
• Measures thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests
• Structured interview questions
• Validated to over 500,000 people

Compare Your Current Assessment  (two pages)


3.  Customer Service Profile

The Customer Service Profile assesses the attitudes and customer service proficiency of employees and job candidates.

a)  Available for all industries
b)  Special profiles for available for several industries:

• Healthcare
• Financial services
• Hospitality
• Business services
• Retail