frontcover_Page_01Hiring – HUGE changes are coming


  • In 5 years employees under 34 will be 50% of the workforce(only 21% today)
  • Younger employees will stay at a job an average of only 2.3 years
  • Baby Boomers are retiring in large numbers
  • Talent wars because of the improving economy
  • Old hiring method – Job Fit
  • New hiring method – Job Fit + Team Fit + Manager Fit = Culture Fit

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Table of Contents

  1. Product information
  2. Introduction to John Bishop
  3. Interview questions – Training & Products
  4. Interview questions – Bio
  5. Interview – Final thoughts

Today’s employees are saying:  “Validate me as a person or lose me (turnover or engagement) as an employee.”

Product information

  • Free ebook – The Best Little Book on Hiring  This is NOT your standard book on hiring.  It has 60 pages of strategic, easy-to-implement ideas to meet today’s hiring needs.  The ebook is the foundation for the training and the Hire to Compete™ forms.
  • Training – Hire Like a Head Coach   Winning Head Coaches are always dealing with high turnover issues yet are responsible for fielding a winning team.  What can we learn from them about? Everything!  Note: This is a fundamental and strategic change in how hiring managers look at talent and potential new employees.  Two options

               1.    Executives – Everyone will be dealing with these changes. How can we make hiring our competitive                              advantage? (retiring  Baby Boomers, Millennials at 50% of the workforce in 5 years, talent wars, retention, etc.)

                 2.   HR, Organizational Development & Training – similar to the above but more hands on.  How to positively change                          the hiring culture?

  • Strategic Hire to CompeteHiring Forms  Currently, job descriptions and interview evaluation forms are woefully inadequate.  They provide only the most basic info (educations, experience, duties, etc.) Manager need to provide in writing more strategic information BEFORE the hiring process starts. The new forms must be signed.  These forms will focus your attention on position depth chart, current an future needs, what you can aaccomplish in the next 12 months if you hire an “A” player, etc.
  • Pre-hire employee assessments  What is the candidate bringing to the open position?  Can we use those talents now? Later?  Quality assessment tools can measure a candidate’s problem solving ability, work ethic, sales aptitude, behavioral traits, motivational intensity, etc.

Introduction to John Bishop


  • Graduate of Babson College – Ranked #1 Business School for Entrepreneur Studies by US News and World Report
  • Started two companies from scratch
  • Started a nonprofit to help young people
  • Wrote The Best Little Book on Hiring
  • VP of Sales with 300 sales people with sales teams in US, Canada, Europe and Japan
  • 20+ years working with C-Suite executives and HR Professionals (training and consulting)


  • Went to 4 elementary schools and 3 high schools (majored in meeting people)
  • Motorcycled across the US
  • Two major back injuries – yet, earned two Black Belts in martial arts
  • Wrote two books to help young people succeed
  • Spent seven days alone at the bottom of the Grand Canyon
  • Have visited 49 of the 50 US states, Canada, Europe and Japan (Alaska is on my bucket list)
  • Lived 25 years in Maine but now live in (much warmer) St Louis with his wife
  • Together we have two daughters and seven wonderful grandchildren

Interview Questions – Training & Products

  • We have had talent wars before, what will be different this time?
  • Why do businesses need to change their hiring process to accommodate these young employees?
  • How much extra time will the changes take?
  • Why is your process different? Better?
  • You have two types of training? One for executives and the other for HR, organizational development and training? What is the difference?
  • Talk to me about the Hire to Compete™ forms? Don’t companies already have something like this in place?
  • With that much turnover – will HR and training be able to keep up?
  • What do you mean by critical mass?
  • What are the 5 – 6 key things business people can learn about hiring from a Head Coach?
  • How does the company’s reputation affect turnover?
  • Culture Fit — Explain why this is the new hiring method.
  • How can companies make hiring their competitive advantage?

Interview Questions – Bio

  • You moved around a lot? What did you take away from those experiences?
  • How did you break your back? What did you learn about yourself as a result?
  • Why did you write The Best Little Book on Hiring™?
  • Why is it a free download? Simply go to the website

INTERVIEW – Final Thoughts

We can not stop the HUGE hiring changes that are coming.  However, we can control how we effectively deal with those changes.

  • Go to
  • Download the free 60 page book The Best Little Book on Hiring

While your competitors are bemoaning all the employee turnover and retention issues, you will be positively
dealing with those same issues.

Hiring will become your competitive advantage!