My Daily Reminders

This list was developed over many years, and read each morning before I start my day.  Do you have a list? What would you add to these daily reminders?

1.   Did I give my best effort to today’s activities?

2.   Talk is cheap. Action pays the bills.

3.   You are either running toward something or away from “it.”

4.   I’m where I am because of my life experiences and my personal choices.  Did I process them positively or negatively?

5.   All days are good days – some days are better than others.

6.   Don’t lose the “war” between your ears.

7.   Exercise daily – physically and mentally.

8.   Helping others makes my problem smaller.

9.   Be the hardest working person in the room.

10. The Bs…Be kind…Be honest…Be grateful…Be happy…Be you

11. Use the “Count on me” words – Yes, I can, and I will.

12. Your life experiences – Are they your excuse or your motivation?

13. Always set a good example.

14. Don’t let anyone steal your good day.

15.  Complete your tasks one “brick” at a time.