PXT Select

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Nationally – who is using the PXT Select employee assessment tool


    • 21.3% – Financial, Insurance and Real Estate


    • 18.4% – Manufacturing


    •  11.8% – Business Services


     10.9% – Health Services

Job Positions

    • 27.1% – Sales


    •  12.9% – Mid-level Managers


    •  11.4% – Customer Service


     8.3% – Executives

Candidates are saying: “Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.”

The PXT Select scientifically validates what a candidate “brings to the table.”

  • One assessment = 10 reports are available.  USED for: Selection, promotions, onboarding, leadership, sales, manager fit, team building and succession planning

Features of the PXT Select

– Take one assessment – 10 reports
– PXT Select fills the gap between the resume and the interview.
– Measures a candidate’s problem-solving skills, behavioral traits and interests
– Compares their results to a customized job benchmark developed specifically for your company
– Targeted interview questions with “Listen for” ideas
– Reports delivered in minutes and available 24/ on multiple platforms


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