The Profile XT  helps you answer three vital questions: Can the candidate do the job?  Will they do the job? Will they be a good fit in your culture?  It will provide valuable, objective information about the candidate which helps managers make more informed hiring and talent management decisions.

–  Thinking and Reasoning Style

–  Behavioral Traits

–  Occupational Interests

Profile XT 

psaThis employee assessment measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization, and the results can be used during the training or succession planning stages

•  Measures thinking style, behavioral characteristics and occupational interests on current employees or candidates
• Validated to over 500,000 people
• Develops specific job benchmarks for your company
• Structured interview questions
• Integrates with ATS and EPS

Compare Your Current Assessment (two pages)

The Profile XT is used for selection, promotions, succession planning and coaching. It can be integrated into your job description.