Interviewees want you to believe that they are experts in their field, but are they really?

Measure Knowledge & Skills

Profiles international has partnered with ESKILL to provide our clients with the best Internet-based skills tests.

Free sample skills test or tour the ESkill website 


More Info:

  • Standardized tests
  • Customize tests from over 350 subjects and 3,400 topics
  • Industries – IT, accounting, call center, engineering, MS Office, healthcare, sales, HR, retail, etc.
  • Convert your current written test(s) to the Internet
  • Purchase option – one price unlimited usage or purchasing a specific quantity of credits (one credit scores one skill test)
  • Identify qualified employees and identify training needs.
  • Integrates with your existing applicant database, Applicant Tracking System (ATS), or Learning

Free sample test or tour the ESkill website