“The team with the best players wins.”    – Jack Welch, ex CEO General Electric

Our clients hire better, fire less, keep their top performers and make more money.

In today’s business environment, how do you gain a competitive advantage? We believe it is with your people. During the Great Recession survival was all important. Companies downsized their staffs, eliminated unprofitable products, branches and plants and looked for savings in virtually every corner.

The one area that was overlooked – hiring. Companies were not hiring that many people so hiring was not a high priority. That is changing! CEOs and senior HR professions understand that hiring is the front door to their company’s future success. This market requires you to be faster, smarter, and better than their competition. It starts with hiring the best people! Talent WINS!

The Think Like a Head Coach™seminar 

teaches your managers how to make hiring a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!,

Seminar Goals: Hiring Manager ownership…..Accountability……Strategic talent decisions….Measured results

If you can measure it, you can manage it.

Top management is again making hiring a top priority.  They are turning their current hiring process upside down, shaking it, examining it, and making the necessary changes to compete.

When is hiring a competitive advantage?

•   When managers develop a strategic, Head Coach mentality when hiring

•   When managers (Head Coaches) look at every job opening as an opportunity to significantly impact the company’s talent

•   When managers know and use the four goals approach for every interview

•   When hiring managers and supervisors develop an I’m always looking for good talent mind set

•   When the I’m a good judge of character hiring method is eliminated

•   When the head of HR reports directly to the President or CEO

•   When managers have a clear “A” player profile for each position

•   When there is an annual review of the hiring “hits” and “misses” and corrective action is taken

•   When the hiring manager takes more ownership of the decisions and the on-boarding process

Talent WINS! Our seminar helps your company beat the competition!

We work with C-suite executives and decision makers to make hiring a competitive advantage.

Hiring Mistakes Are Costly    We empower your managers to make high-impact hiring decisions!

Do you have 20 – 30 minutes for a confidential discussion on how to hire more “A” players?

I’m not sure we can help your company, but in that amount of time we can both determine if there is a “fit.”

We can help your company reach the NEXT LEVEL.

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