We help managers hire employees who fit their management style and culture.

Core Beliefs:

  • Employees today are saying: “Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.”
  • Hiring is your front door to future success.
  • We can’t change today’s hiring environment, but we can change how we react to it

Who will benefit from the training?

  •   Companies with “B” managers trying to hire “A” players
  •   Companies with several key people retiring in the next 2 – 3 years
  •   New managers and supervisors
  •   Good, but understaffed HR departments
  •    Managers hiring remote workers

Why is the training important?

  • Focus: Most hiring seminars are focused on the legal issues, what questions to ask, etc.  Obviously important.   However, we help managers think strategically about the open position – like a coach putting together their winning team.  Employees want to work for a winner who respects what they offer.
  • Even in the best companies, HR is being overwhelmed by retention and recruiting issues.
  • Turnover: According to Gallup, 67% of people leave their manager – not the company.
  • Constantly Improving: We follow up with the individual managers after three months to see how they are doing in implementing the training.

This training helps managers take more strategic ownership for their hiring decision – like a successful coach.
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