What We Do

5 Ways We Help Managers Succeed


1.  How Did We Hire That Turkey?  —  Seminar 

This is NOT your standard seminar about hiring.

Whole industries are literally changing overnight (taxi, hotels, restaurants, etc.) Is your current hiring model keeping up? In today’s new hiring environment – learn how to hire more “A” players and fewer “turkeys.”  Make hiring a competitive advantage.

  • Benefit:  More focus, accountability and ownership for your hiring decisions

2.  Pre-hire Assessments & Post-hire Talent Management Tools

Talent management tools to measure problem solving, behavioral traits, sales aptitude, leadership and team development, conflict resolution, customer service, etc. All Internet with instant reporting available 24/7 on multiple platforms.

  • Benefit:  Hire people that fit the job, their new manager and your culture

3.  Strategic Hire to CompeteForms>>

Look at your current job descriptions and interview evaluation forms.  Find any strategic information?  Or, is it simply basic information – duties, responsibilities, travel, lift so much weight, etc.?

Dramatically improve your hiring results by introducing a strategic element to all hires.  Get the manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position – in writing and with their signatures – BEFORE your hiring process begins.  Then incorporate that information into your interview evaluation form.

  • Benefit: Everyone involved in the decision has a clear, written picture of the needs of the position.

4.  Hiring – Mission Statement Development

It is a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your company’s Mission Statement.  It can be for the whole company or specific areas (i.e., sales, customer service, leadership, etc.)

  • Benefit: It becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to gain a competitive advantage with your hiring.

5.  Consulting

We offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs.

Our goal is to make hiring your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

  • Benefit: An objective, 3rd party sounding board with experience in multiple industries and at all levels of the corporate structure.

How can we help you?

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