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Does this happen at your company?

  • Do you have “B” managers trying to hire “A” players?
  • People are hired because they are FOBs – friends of the boss?
  • Are managers promoting people because they “deserve it?”
  • Ever heard: “We would have hired better if HR had gotten us better candidates.”
  • Do some managers pigeon-hole their top performer for their department?
  • Do you have micro-managers killing the team’s enthusiasm and engagement?

We help companies — and individual managers — make hiring their competitive advantage! Easy, fast and strategic.


Real world experience.

We offer our clients actionable information to make hiring their competitive advantage.  Some information about John Bishop

  • Started two successful companies
  • Hired and motivated over 300 salespeople
  • 20 years experience consulting on selection, retention and engagement issues
  • Personal: Motorcycled across the US, spent five days hiking alone in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, broke his back in four places and has earned two Black Belts. We support Autism Speaks and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association

Radio Interview – John Bishop on HR Power Hour

Hiring is the front door to your future success. FOCUS        OWNERSHIP         ACCOUNTABILITY

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