Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success!

We help managers hire people who have work values and performance expectations that fit their management style.

Our focus:  Reducing turnover, absenteeism, and safety issues 

Hiring Statement – What type of person best fits your culture and management style? What are the characteristics of an “A” player in your department? Are they clearly defined?

Focus and accountability training and consulting – We help managers think like successful coaches who have needs accessed their current team, established future talent needs, hiring goals and set up a clear timetable.  We want managers to be pro-active, not simply putting out fires. Successful coaches have a written plan and get the most from their players because everyone is working toward a similar goal.  Should hiring be any different?

Pre-hire candidate assessments that measure what a candidate’s may be hiding from you.  For example:  impatience, achievement focus, motivation, sales aptitude, leadership, cognitive, open to change, coachability, safety oriented, conformity, taking responsibility, aggressive control, impulsive, empathy, attitude, integrity, apprehensive, conformity, judgement, assertiveness, decisiveness, independence, and more.

Post hire employee assessments for – promotions, succession planning, 360 reports, manager development and individual employee development.


  • Increased employee engagement and lower turnover rates and safety issues.

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