Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success!

Is hiring your competitive advantage?  We help managers with:

  1.   Pre-hire & post hire assessments for:

We measure a person’s:  impulsiveness, impatience, rules reluctance, easily distracted, responsibility, coachability, focus, aggressive control, positivity, open-minded, sense of urgency, independence, decisiveness, problem solving and more

The information can be used for:  Selection, sales aptitude, entry level safety, leadership and team development, succession planning, manager-employee fit, promotions, job benchmarking, driver safety

  1.   Employee Engagement Survey

    • Measures three indicators – satisfaction, commitment and alignment
    • Measures twelve drivers (i.e., flexibility, accountability, workload, team relations, supervisor support, growth, compensation & benefits, etc.)
  1.   Hiring forms

    • Prior to starting the hiring process, the Job Outlook form helps hiring managers capture their strategic thoughts – in writing and with their signature. They review their current team and future needs of the open position.  Then, candidates are evaluated against that strategic information. Time: Approximately 15 minutes
    • Job descriptions include duties & responsibilities, but rarely strategic information
    • Helps managers improve and refine their hiring decisions

4.  Training & Consulting

    • We help managers think and hire like successful, winning coaches – focus, ownership, accountability, and continuous improvement.

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