Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success!

Higher wages will not guarantee better new employees.

This is a tough labor market but throwing money at the problem is not the answer.  Your managers and supervisors are the key.

Our focus:  Helping managers and supervisors to reduce turnover, absenteeism, and safety issues 

We help managers four ways:

Hiring forms

Prior to starting the hiring process, capture the manager’s strategic thoughts (in writing and with a signature) about their current team and the open position.  Now, carry this important information through the interviews and the actual hiring decision.  Additional time needed: 15 minutes

Training & Consulting

Focus, ownership, and accountability – We help managers hire like successful coaches.

We want managers to be pro-active, not simply putting out fires. Successful coaches

are focused on upgrading the teams’ talents.   They know there will be difficulties, but they plan, select, develop, motivate, and reward their team members with a clear focus on reaching their goals. Should hiring be any different?

Pre-hire assessments. 

 Assessments validate what a person brings to the “table.”  The question becomes – Can I manage and develop this person.

For example:  impatience, achievement focus, motivation, sales aptitude, leadership, cognitive, open to change, coachability, safety oriented, conformity, taking responsibility, aggressive control, impulsive, empathy, attitude, integrity, apprehensive, conformity, judgement, assertiveness, decisiveness, independence, and more.

Post hire employee assessments

 With today’s tight labor market, many managers are being promoted before they are ready.   Assessments = information that can be helpful in promotions, succession planning, manager development and individual employee development.


Managerial Focus…..Ownership….Accountability

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John Bishop, Coach