What We Do

Objective:  To provide actionable information to make hiring your COMPETITIVE  ADVANTAGE

Radio Interview – John Bishop on HR Power Hour

We Offer Our Clients:

  1. Seminar – How NOT to Hire a Turkey>>>

  • Not your standard hiring seminar
  • Easy-to-implement ideas to make hiring your competitive advantage
  • Focus, focus, focus – everyone on the same page

                Benefit: Hire more “A” players and fewer turkeys


  1. Pre-hire Assessments

  • We have assessments to measure problem solving, motivational intensity, leadership skills, sales aptitude, work ethic, reliability, integrity, behavioral traits, motivational interest and benchmark your top performers

                Benefit: Hire for job fit and culture fit


  1. Post-hire Management Tools

  • Development tools for succession planning, promotions, coaching/mentoring, leadership development and increase a salesperson’s performance

                Benefit:  Help your employees learn, grow and succeed


  1. Strategic Hiring Forms>>>

  • 3 forms – Job Outlook™, interview evaluation and hiring decision
  • Capture the hiring manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position – in writing and with signature(s)
  • Focus on those strategic needs with all three forms
  • Adds only 15 min to current hiring process

             Benefit: More focus and ownership


  1. Hiring – Mission Statement Development>>>

  • What employee characteristics do you need to fulfill the company’s Mission Statement? Are those characteristics clearly identified on your interview evaluation form?

               Benefit: Focus on culture fit.

We offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation to discuss your specific situation and needs.

    • Benefit: An objective, 3rd party sounding board with experience in multiple industries and at all levels of the corporate structure.


       6. Consulting

  • We offer a 60 minute, complementary and confidential meeting to discuss your situation.  Call today!


How Can We Help YOU?

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