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We work with companies to make hiring their competitive advantage.

Teenagers started huge, national demonstrations that adults could not – or would not – do. 

What lessons can business people learn? They are combining with Millennials – already the biggest segment of the workforce – to significantly impact how we do business.

Together, they will be over 65% of the labor market in a few years.  Meanwhile, Baby Boomers are retiring in record numbers.  Workplace demographics is undergoing a titanic shift.  Is your company ready?  Can you turn those changes into a competitive advantage?

Generation Z …(The speed of Millennials x 2)

  • They are not afraid to force change when necessary
  • They respect action – not words
  • They will use social media to challenge the status quo
  • They saw how the Great Recession impacted their families
  • Smartphones are their lifeline to an instant everything world
  • The pace of change will quicken significantly
  • With social media, every employee can make or break your reputation
  • On-boarding starts in the interview
  • Hiring is the front door to your future success. ™

     We Offer Our Clients:                                                                  

    • Training and Consulting – how to make hiring your competitive advantage
    • Develop a Mission Statement – Hiring … It is a benchmark and a constant reminder of the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your company’s Mission Statement.
    • Pre-and-post hire employee assessments …  selection, promotions, motivational intensity, sales aptitude, sales team development, career development, onboarding, leadership development, problem solving, etc.  100% Internet, instant results, available 24/7 on multiple platforms
    • Accountability & ownership The Job Outlook™ form captures the manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position before the hiring process begins.  Those thoughts, combined with the job description are included in the Interview Evacuation form. Both forms are signed.  With this strategic paper trail, and assessments results, you can have a hits and misses discussion on various hiring decisions with a focus on constantly improve the process.

    Is your hiring process a competitive advantage?

    We offer a free, confidential 30 Minute consultation to discuss your specific situation.

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