What We Do

We work with CEOs and HR professionals to hire more top performers.

1.  Hiring Coach

Hiring is the FRONT door to your future success. Your hiring managers are your key! As a hiring coach, I
help your managers hire more top performers who fit your culture. I am an objective, focused business
coach with real world experience. (see below)  Benefit:  More focus, ownership and accountability

2.  Seminar – Hiring as a Competitive Advantage

  • Not your standard hiring seminar. Given today’s employee demographics, high turnover rates will be with us for a long time. Question: How can you use turnover positively to improve your employee’s lives and gain a competitive advantage? Benefit: Hire more “A” players who fit your culture

3.  Hiring Goal Statement

  • What employee characteristics do you need to fulfill the company’s Mission Statement? Are those characteristics clearly identified on your interview evaluation form? Benefit: Focus

4.  Strategic Hiring Forms

  • Most hiring forms – job descriptions/interview evaluation – provide only the most basic information. PRIOR to starting the candidate search, capture the hiring manager’s strategic thoughts about the open position, and carry that information throughout the entire process. Add only 15 min to your current hiring process. Benefit: Ownership – both strategic forms are signed

6.  Pre-hire Assessment

  • We can measure problem solving, motivational intensity, leadership skills, sales aptitude, work ethic, reliability, integrity, behavioral traits, motivational interest and benchmark your top performers. Benefit: Hire for job fit, manager fit and culture fit

7.  Talent Management/Development Tools

  • Tools for succession planning, promotions, coaching/mentoring, leadership development and increasing an individual salesperson’s performance. Benefit: Retain, engage and develop your employees

Real World Experience

  • We offer our clients actionable information to make hiring their competitive advantage. Some information about John Bishop ● Started two successful companies ● Hired, trained and motivated over 300 salespeople ● 20 years of experience consulting on selection, retention and engagement issues .  For more info: About US
    Personal: We support Autism Speaks and the American Parkinson’s Disease Association.