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We help companies, and individual managers, make hiring their competitive advantage.


Why is this Important?

  • The rules have changed! We are now beginning a post-pandemic economy.  If you are having problems hiring now, it will get much worse in two years when we reach a full employment economy.  Time to plan is now.
  • You will be hiring more remote employees where flexibility and trust are essential.
  • Employees will stay on average only 1 1/2 years. Each turnover will impact your Hiring Brand – either positively or negatively.

After 25 years, we still see old habits that hurt employee retention and engagement.  For example:

  • HR does a good job developing a hiring system – new job descriptions, interview questions, multiple interviewers, etc. However, too many managers short circuit the process. (i.e., “I’m a good judge of character” hiring managers, the 1st impression managers, remote branch managers, and “I’m too busy” types).
  • After a new candidate fails to meet expectations, the manager says: “I would have hired better if HR had gotten us better candidates.”

The costs of a poor hire can be staggering.

  • One CEO I know hired a new CFO for his 350-person manufacturing plant. The CFO was a member at his golf club. He felt he knew him well enough to by-pass the company’s the hiring process.  That hiring decision cost the company $63,000 in severance and the CEO a golf partner.
  • Another company hired a new plant manager who was quickly named the “screamer” by the employees. Those employees told the company what they thought of the new person by lowering the product’s quality and doubling the turnover rate in six months.

What We Do?

  • We help companies develop their Hiring Brand, the Hiring Goal Statement, and strategic hiring forms. Additionally, we offer training, consulting, pre and post hire assessments. We can facilitate the “Hits and Misses” meetings to continually refine and improve your hiring process.

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