Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success!

We help managers hire more top performers.  We do this with training, pre & post hire assessments, strategic hiring forms and individual coaching.

Is hiring your competitive advantage?

  1. Pre-hire & post hire assessments for:

  • Sales aptitude
  • Problem solving
  • Safety
  • Leadership
  • Team development
  • Succession planning
  • Manager-Employee fit
  • Position benchmarking
  1. 2. Hiring forms

  • Prior to starting the hiring process, the Job Outlook form helps your hiring manager capture their strategic thoughts – in writing and with their signature. In the 15 minutes need to fill out the form, they review their current team and future needs of the open position.  Then, candidates are evaluated against that strategic information.


  • Job descriptions do not include strategic information.
  • Helps managers continually improve their hiring decisions.

  1. Training & Consulting

  • Working with managers and supervisors, are goals are: 

focus, ownership, accountability, and continuous learning

  •   We help managers think and hire like winning coaches.
  •    Special emphasis on new managers, branch managers and remote workers.

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