It’s Time to Break the Rule: 20% of your sales people account for 80% of your sales.

Why is that important?

The average salary, bonus and benefits for a sales person is over $100,000/year even if they are under-performing.  It’s even more if you add missed sales opportunities, and the potential of losing customers.  Under-performers sales people are a huge expense. 

3 Questions:

  1. Why do so few people account for so much of your sales?  
  2. What characteristics make a salesperson a top performer? 
  3. Can we develop a benchmark of top sales performers?

The PXT Select Sales Assessment can answer these question.  Benefit: You hire more top performers.


Applicants come fully prepared for the interview, their resume often has a few exaggerations, and they are excellent at selling themselves.  Sales VP who are looking for top talent are at a disadvantage in the interview process.  The bottomline – they are trying to make sound business decisions, but too often the information is not 100% accurate.  We can help you!

Why the PXT Select Sales Assessment?

This is a scientifically based, data-driven assessment. Now, the Sales VP will have objective, 3rd party information on the person’s abilities on prospecting, building and maintaining relationships, closing sales, resourcefulness and more.  In addition, the Selection Report compares the candidate to your top performing benchmark.  

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