Hiring is the FRONT DOOR to your future success.

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 We help managers make better hiring decisions.  Better information – Better hiring decisions.

For example:  Pre-hire, would it help you to know?

  1. That a warehouse candidate is very impulsive, impatient, and low on aggressive control?
  1. That a potential manager may have problems inspiring others and ensuring results?
  1. That a territory sales candidate may have problems prospecting and closing the sale?


How much time would be spent trying to fix performance issues?  How much stress would there be on the other team members who are picking up the slack for the under-performing employee?  How much time would HR spend in terminating an employee and then re-hiring and training a new person for the position?

Pre-hire assessments will give you more information to make better hiring decisions. Our pre-hire and post-hire assessments measure a candidate’s impulsiveness, impatience, rules reluctance, coachability, aggressive control, thinking style, decisiveness, independence, leadership style, sense of urgency, sales attitude, manager-employee fit, safety focus, etc.

Quality pre-hire assessments can save you time and money.   For 25 years, Hire to Compete has helped managers hire more employees who fit the manager’s style, the company’s culture, and who take ownership of their job responsibilities.

Is hiring your competitive advantage?  How can we help you?

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