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  1.  Does your SELECTION assessment provide:

    • Manager – Employee Fit Report – to align new hires with the right boss is critical.
    • Coaching Report – identify areas that need development
    • Company Specific Top Performer Benchmarks – compare candidates to your top performer benchmarks
    • Tailored Interview Questions – get a clearer picture of the candidate’s fit
    • Distortion scale – are the assessment answers candid
    • Multiple reports – Candidate takes one assessment.  You can download 10 reports at no additional charge. (i,e,. leadership, promotions, career development, etc.)

               Benefit: Get objective, 3rd party information about a candidate that you won’t find in exaggerated resumes or interviews answers that have been rehearsed.

2.   Does your SALES assessment:

  •  All of the above ++ what to expect from the candidate in six critical sales areas.
  1.   Closing deals
  2.   Building relationships
  3.   Coachability
  4.   Prospecting skills
  5.   Teamwork
  6.   Self-motivated
  7.   Resourcefulness 

       Benefit:  More sales and fewer missed opportunities

  1. Why?

           I’m passionate about employee assessments because I’ve had a firsthand experience of a bad job fit. That stress impacted everyone – me, my family, my colleagues and the company..

That’s why I believe assessments are crucial. The good ones go beyond just skills to consider job fit, the manager’s leadership style, and team dynamics. By getting a well-rounded picture, companies can identify the right talent, leading to happier, more productive employees who thrive in their environment. This ultimately benefits both the employees and the company’s success.

          Turn Hiring into Your Competitive Advantage.

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