Employee Assessments.  Reduce Turnover.  Build a Dream Team.  

     Tired of the revolving door of new hires? 

You’re not alone. High turnover is expensive, time consuming and very frustrating.  We get it.  Now, imagine your employees who stay longer, are more engaged and reach their full potential.  It is your competitive advantage.

Hire to Compete helps you do just that. Our science-backed assessments provide data-driven insights to help you make smarter hiring and promotion decisions. 

Today, a person can take one assessment and you have unlimited downloads of ten (10) reports at no additional costs.  With only a few keystrokes you can download individual, objective reports that become the foundation for discussions on selection, manager fit, promotions, leadership, coaching, sales, teams, etc. 

     Benefit:  Employees learn, grow and succeed – quickly – in jobs that best suit for their talents. 

Ready to build a dream team? Break free from the turnover cycle.

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John Bishop, Head Coach