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Hiring is the front door to your future success.

Our focus:  Reducing turnover, abstenteeism and safety – work comp issues

The pandemic is a change multiplier.  Some thoughts:

  • The rules have changed! We are now beginning a post-pandemic economy.  If you are having problems hiring now, it will get much worse in the next two years as we reach a full employment economy.  Time to plan is now.
  • Are you hiring for yesterday’s job?
  • Companies will be hiring more remote employees where trust, flexibility, acceptance, and empowerment are even more important than in the past.  Are your managers ready?
  • Because of the Internet, employee turnover today can affect your hiring for many years in the future. Are your turnover employees saying nasty things about the company, the leaders, or their old boss?  How is that affecting your hiring efforts today?
  • Are you a “no college degree – don’t bother to apply” snob?
  • HR does a good job developing a hiring system – new job descriptions, interview questions, multiple interviewers, etc. However, too many managers short circuit the process. (i.e., “I’m a good judge of character” hiring managers, the 1st impression managers, remote and independent branch managers, etc.).

The costs of a poor hire can be staggering.

  • One CEO I know hired his golfing buddy as the new CFO for his 350-person manufacturing plant.  He felt he knew the person well enough to by-pass the company’s the hiring process.  That hiring decision cost the company $63,000 in severance and the CEO a golf partner.
  • Another company hired a new production manager who was quickly named the “screamer” by the employees. Those employees told the company what they thought of the new person by lowering the product’s quality and doubling the turnover rate in six months.
  • A distribution company was having problems keeping employees.   Out of frustration, they went to the “I need a warm body” hiring method.  Surprise, surprise.  Now they are experiencing much higher safety, quality and abstinence issues.

Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success.  Today’s economy requires companies to review their hiring process with an eye to the future not reliving the status quo.

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