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Competition for quality talent is intense.  I named my company – Hire to Compete – because that is the reality of today’s employment market.

Many employees stay only 1½ years before moving to their next company.  You are paying them during that time, but the combination of their “ramping up” and looking for that next job means they are not performing at a top level for the employment period.


  1.  Do your managers hire like successful coaches? With a goal and a focused stategic plan and timetable to increase the department’s talent?
  2. You probably have a Mission Statement, but do you have a Hiring Statement to define the best candidates that fit your culture?
  3. How do you capture a manager’s strategic thoughts about an open position before the hiring process begins?
  4. How will you help new employees get up to speed quickly so they will learn, grow, and succeed – quickly?
  5. Do you have regular “hits and misses” meetings to continually improve the hiring process and training needs?

Hiring is the front door to your future success.

           Focus…. Ownership…. Accountability…. Constantly Improving

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