Hire more “A” and fewer “C” players.  Hiring is the front door to your future success.

Picture your managers hiring more and more highly engaged, proactive team members that fit your culture.  Imagine your hiring as a competitive advantage. What could you accomplish?

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Why I’m a consultant on hiring issues?

I’ve owned two companies, been a VP – Sales with 300 sales people and written three books to help people succeed. However, early in my career I was a company’s “poor fit” person, and learned first-hand about the stress it caused me, my family and my co-workers.

I started my consulting company vowing to help managers hire people who fit the company’s culture, the job, and the manager. I believe companies can substantially increase job satisfaction, employee engagement and retention with more effective hiring. Importantly, better hiring will reduce an employee’s stress, and that will benefit the co-workers, the employee’s family and the community.

 Whole industries have changed literally overnight.  Has your hiring kept up with the pace of change?

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John Bishop