Gallup Poll:  Turnover

35% of employees have changed jobs in the last three years. Given today’s employee demographics, substantial turnover will be an on-going problem.

We help companies change employee turnover from a negative to a competitive advantage!

Old Rule: Put the right people in the right seats on the bus.

New Rule:  Gallup says Managers are the key.

Hiring is the front door to your future success. Yet, because of the Internet and social media, the current hiring system is fundamentally flawed.

Why? Here are a few reasons.  Often candidates have multiple, targeted resumes that were professionally written to include enough keywords to ensure an interview.   Job descriptions  are not strategic and offer only the most basic information.  There are multiple websites to give candidates the best answers to interview questions.  And, according to the FBI, fake diplomas and transcripts are a $1 Billion industry.   If managers are the key, perhaps they need some new tools.


With some new tools, hiring managers can make a huge difference on turnover rates.  For example:  A Hiring Statement to greatly enhance your Mission Statement, a signed hiring form to capture the manager’s strategic thoughts PRIOR to beginning the hiring process, an enhanced, strategic Interview Evaluation form, focus on four key questions that must be answered before every new hire or promotion decision, scientifically validated assessments, a new type of hiring seminar that  emphasises managerial focus, ownership and accountability for their hiring decisions.

Whole industries are changing literally overnight (transportation, restaurants, taxi, hotels, etc.).  Even the best HR departments are having trouble keeping up.          I’m sure your currently hiring process is good.  The Question:  Is it good enough to be a competitive advantage?

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