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This is a tough hiring market, and it is frustrating many managers.  Why?

They are in an almost constant interview/hire/turnover cycle. Repeat, repeat, repeat every 6 – 12 months for the same position.

Additionally, they are frustrated with too many candidates not showing up for their scheduled interview. Are you surprised that many discouraged managers are lowering their standards to get a warm body in the open position?  Net result:  Faster hiring fixes with costly, time-consuming management consequences.

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The costs of a poor hire can be staggering.

  • One CEO I know hired his golfing buddy as the new CFO for his 350-person manufacturing plant.  He felt he knew the person well enough to by-pass the company’s the hiring process.  That hiring decision cost the company $63,000 in severance and the CEO a golf partner.
  • Another company hired a new production manager who was quickly named the “screamer” by the employees. Those employees told the company what they thought of the new person by lowering the product’s quality and doubling the turnover rate in six months.
  • A distribution company was having problems keeping employees.   Out of frustration, they went to the “I need a warm body” hiring method.  Surprise, surprise.  Now they are experiencing much higher safety, quality and abstinence issues.

Hiring is the Front Door to Your Future Success.  Today’s economy requires companies to review their hiring process with an eye to the future not reliving the status quo.

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