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Doing the same thing as your competitors will not give you a competitive advantage.  Updating job descriptions and buying new applicant tracking software are important, but your hiring managers are the key.  We are experienced, objective, strategic hiring coaches helping managers hire and retain more top performers.

Most managers hire infrequently.   For most companies the hiring process begins when a position opens.

However, great companies, sports teams and organizations do it differently.  They have a detailed, written strategic plan for selection with buy-in from all the hiring managers.  With a detailed plan, they are not simply hiring to fill an open position.  Each opening becomes an opportunity to increase the department’s talent.  The strategic plan’s mantra is  “Together we are stronger, better…..more focus…..more ownership….more accountability.”  Should your hiring process be any different?

Hiring is the front door to your future success. When was the last time your front door had a “fresh coat of paint?” 

Whether you hire one or hundreds of people/year, there should be a written strategic plan.  The plan should include the company’s vision, current and future talent needs, clear definition of the key positions and top performers, expectation goals, review of A, B and C players, etc.  The plan should be as significant as your financial reports and reviewed and updated on a regular basis.  Your hiring managers are the gatekeepers to continued success.  How can we help you?

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John Bishop, Hiring Coach

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