Selection and Employee Management Tools

The goal for the PXT Select management tools:

            To help employees learn, grow and succeed – quickly

PXT Select Overview:

  • Candidate takes one assessment. 
  • One price with unlimited access to ten (10) reports listed below at no additional charge.
  • Reports are available in English or Spanish, 24/7 on multiple platforms
  • Two versions – 20 minute or 60 minutes with the cognitive section

  • We offer a secure website specific for your company, training and consulting, and a US based customer service department staffed with people who have had years of experience with employee assessments.
  • Pricing options:  1) purchase as needed or 2) the large volume, unlimited model

Time needed:  It depends on your size, but a company with 500 employees can get started in as lttle as two hours.  We work with your people until they are fully up to speed.

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Given your unique situation, how will these additional reports help you increase employee engagement and reduce turnover? These reports are a few keystrokes away.  A partial list of reports include:

      • Selection Report includes candidate’s score vs. job benchmark, interview questions with “Listen for” suggestions, scale, percentage of job fit, and easy-to-read graph
      • How will a Sales Report, that includes information from the selection report plus prospecting, building relationships, closing the sale, self-starter, help you hire more top producers?
      • How will a Manager – Employee Fit Report help you onboard a new employee or help to resolve some performance issues?
      • The Leadership Report clearly identifies how the person will lead their troops.
  • Additional reports: coaching, promotion, career development, and individual

Too many resumes include exaggerated accomplishments, and candidates can search the Internet for the best interview answers.  The PXT Select gives managers an objective, 3rd party, scientifically valid view of the person they are interviewing.  And, it develops interview questions to help managers focus on specific areas of the assessment.

Link to my calender  – Book a Demo TODAY

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