Hire Smarter, Develop Faster: Build High Performing Teams with PXT Select

  • Are you frustrated by the new employee hire, train, leave cycle? 
  • Are you looking for ways to develop existing employees and improve their performance?  
  • Are you losing sales opportunities because of under-performing sales people?
  • Are you spending lots of time and money on employee performance issues?

The PXT Select is a powerful employee selection and management tool.  With this assessment you discover a person’s hidden talents and potential red flags.  It is not just a selection tool.  The PXT Select can be used for selection, promotions, on-boarding, team development, improving sales, targeted training, succession planning, conflict resolution and more.

One assessment, unlimited downloads of 10 reports, one price


  • Employees learn, grow and succeed – quickly.
  • Reduced hiring costs – hire more people that fit the job, your culture and the manager’s style
  • Build strong teams – improve communication and collaboration
  • Increase sales effectiveness – break the 80/20 sales rule
  • Boost employee performance – build on a person’s strengths, but know their weaknesses
  • A single assessment unlocks a suite of 10 insightful reports

Flexible & Affordable

  • We offer flexible pricing to fit your needs
  • Quick and easy implementation.  Get started in as little as two hours.  Our dedicated team will support you every step of the way.

Let’s discuss you needs.  We offer a free 1-hour consultation and sample.  Call TODAY!

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