Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.

The PXT Select scientifically validates what a candidate “brings to the table.”  You would not run your company without quality accounting reports (cashflow, Income Statement, etc.).  The PXT Select gives you invaluable information about your human capital.  It compares a person’s thinking style, behavioral traits and interest to a company specific job benchmark.  Report includes interview questions.

Top Companies Using the PXT Select employee assessment          

Top 4 Industries

  •  21.3% – Financial, Insurance and Real Estate
  •  18.4% – Manufacturing
  •  11.8% – Business Services
  •  10.9% – Health Services

Top 4 Positions

  •  27.1% – Sales
  •  12.9% – Mid-level Managers
  •  11.4% – Customer Service
  •  8.3% – Executives

Top 4 Job Benchmarks

  •  Sales
  •  Executive
  •  Customer Service
  •  Managers

PXT Select Features

  • Take one assessment – 10 reports
  • USED for: Selection, promotions, onboarding, leadership, sales, manager fit, team building and succession planning
  • Measures a candidate’s problem-solving skills, behavioral traits and interests
  • Compares their results to a customized job benchmark developed specifically for your company
  • Targeted interview questions with “Listen for” ideas
  • Reports delivered in minutes and available 24/ on multiple platforms

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John Bishop