Hire Like a Successful Coach™ Training

We can’t stop change, but we can change how we respond to it!!!

Problems with many hiring seminars:

  • Most discuss legal and procedural issues which are very important.  But, often they don’t spend enough time on strategic issues that are short circuiting the hiring process: 1) independent managers, 2) candidate’s hired based on the first impression, 3) managers not hiring above their own self-image and 4) open positions filled too quickly.
  • Follow up – Company has a great training program, but three months later 50% of the material is forgotten or not in used

This NOT your standard seminar about hiring.    Hiring is changing dramatically, and companies that are “ahead of the curve” will have a significant competitive advantage.

Hire Like a Successful Coach training

  • Developing you hiring brand
  • What makes a coach successful in selecting and developing talent. How to apply those principals to hiring
  • How to evaluate the departments current and future talent needs
  • Focus, ownership and accountability for their hiring decision
  • Easy to implement follow up program to continually upgrade and enhance your hiring process
  • Four key questions that MUST be answered before every hiring decision
  • The importance of on-boarding properly
  • Three takeaways participants can implement immediately 

How can we help you?

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