How to improve employee engagement & retention

Life at work
greatly influences
your employee’s life at home.

Bob Chapman, CEO of a company with 12,000 team members states: “We measure success by the way we touch the lives of people.”

Most companies say they are a “family – oriented company.”   Would your employees also say the company is an “I” organization (I need more sales, I need more production, I am the boss, etc.)?

Or, would your employees say you are a “WE” organization that hires the right people and gives them the tools they need to succeed?  – direction, encouragement, dignity, respect, trust and inspiration

Employees are saying: “Validate me as a person or loose me as an employee.”  Do you honestly know what they “bring to the party?”  Given those talents and core traits, will they fit your culture?  How will you positively impact your employee’s feelings of self-worth?  Without that support they will either turnover or turnoff.

Hiring is the front door to your future success.

Successful coaches focus on four questions when selecting top talent:

Two questions about your hiring process:

 Benefits:   Increased employee retention and engagement

Life at work greatly influences your employee’s life at home.

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