Covid-19 has turned everyone’s personal, professional, and social world upside down.  The “status quo” is a distant memory.  The question:  How can we take the best of the old methods and combine them with today’s new, developing realities?

Together Message #4 _ Semi-truck

If we are honest, 2018 and 2019 resembled a tractor-trailer speeding down the highway at 100 mph with the back doors open.

Despite your best efforts, profits, customer service, employee engagement, safety, quality, etc. were falling out those open doors.  Now, that semi-truck is either parked or running at a much, much slower pace.

That presents an opportunity to review and look at the big picture – what will you keep? What will you change? How will you grow personally?

The reality is that some of your customers and suppliers may not make it through these tough times.  Given the changing marketplace, some of your products may not either.  Again, being honest, some of your employees will not be returning.

You have changed, and so have your employees.  In many cases valued employees went from the family bread winner to the unemployment line.  If that was not enough, their kids will not go back to school until the fall.  Major money issues plus no school, no daycare, no summer camp, or vacation, etc.  That is a lot of pressure.  Your returning employee will be bringing those concerns to the workplace.  Some thoughts:

This is a very unsettling time for all of us, but we will get through it.  I do not want to sugar coat it, but maybe we needed to slow down.  Running your semi-truck at 75 mph with the back doors closed will help you increase profits, employee engagement, quality, safety, and customer service.

I’ve spent twenty years helping companies with selection, retention and promotion issues.  Today may be tough, but there are opportunities to reinvent your company and face a brighter future.  Stay positive.  Stay safe.

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