Hiring is the front door to your future success.

We are management consultants with one goal – to make hiring your competitive advantage.  How? By reducing employee stress we can improve both employee engagement and retention.

Why I Started the Business

I had a horrible experience as an employee for a Midwest company.  As an employee, I fit the job criteria and was a good leader, but it was an awful culture fit.  The company owners were micro-managers with an “it’s us against them” management/employee attitude.  My view business and employees relations is completely differently.

That experience gave me first-hand knowledge on the negative effects employee stress has on the workplace.  My job stress impacted all aspects of my life – the company, my family and friends.  Form the company perspective, that stress impacted my productivity, creativity, motivation and engagement.  I left the company and started my consulting business.

Twenty five years ago I would help companies minimizereduce employee stress that is caused by poor hiring decisions.  Too often there are good people in bad situations because they fit the job, but not the manager or the culture.  That is a solvable problem.

12 Things I Believe:

How can we help you?

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John Bishop