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Covid-19 has turned everyone’s life upside down.  The status quo has been replaced with anxiety and fear.  Examples: social distancing, social unrest, 40 MM unemployed, mounting bills, and wondering what’s next.

You have changed, and so have your employees.

In too many cases, employees went from the bread winner to the unemployment line.  Their children’s daycare, schools and summer camps were all closed.  Employees  may have significant money issues or seriously ill family members.  That is a lot of pressure, and employees are bringing that stress and fear to the workplace.

My father once told me:  If you are going to manage people – walk in their shoes.

CEOs understand that the world changed in mid-March 2020.  They know that by reducing employee stress, companies can increase quality, safety, employee engagement, customer service and profits.

However, CEOs, senior executives, and HR professionals know their managers are not ready for this new, heighten level of employee stress.  Managers will NOT be effective if they simply return to the old ways of managing.  With training and follow up, managers can reduce employee stress.  They will not totally fix all the employee’s stress, but with training they can learn how to lighten their load. That is a win – win.


I’ve spent twenty years helping companies with selection, retention and engagement issues.  Today may be tough, but there are opportunities to reinvent your company and face a brighter future.  Stay positive.  Stay safe.

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