Hiring is the front door to your continued success.

Your company has been very successful….but….so were hotels before Airbnb, and taxi companies before Uber.  

Everything – –  including hiring – –  is changing at speeds never seen before.   

We help companies make hiring their COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

5 Ways to make hiring your competitive advantage:

1. Hiring Mission Statement – a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics you need to fulfill your Mission Statement.

2.  Strategic hiring forms – PRIOR to starting the hiring process – get the hiring manager’s strategic thoughts (in writing and with a signature) about the open position, their existing team and the desired candidate.

3.  The PXT Select assessment that measures thinking, behavioral traits and interests and compares the candidate’s scores to top performer benchmarks set up specifically for your company

4.  Candidates that fit your culture not just the job

5.  Coaching & training

Question:  Is Hiring Your Competitive Advantage?

How would your managers answer these seven (7) questions?
1.   I’ve hired someone based on the candidate’s first impressions                
2.  I’ve by-passed the company’s standard hiring process to hire a friend
3.  I’ve hired someone for job fit rather than culture fit     (team, manager, and job fit)
4.  I’ve tried to clone myself
5.  I’ve talked too much in the interview
6.  I’ve hired someone below my self-image
7.  I’ve hired based on the dated “I’m a good judge of character” principle

If you answered “Yes” to three or more questions, hiring is not be your competitive advantage.  And, it’s costing you a lot of $$$.

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