I have first hand experience with the stress that comes with being a poor fit to a job.   It didn’t mean I was a bad person or that the company was awful.

However, it taught me how much stress a poor “fit” can have on an individual, their family and their surroundings.  Twenty years ago, I vowed to help companies hire better.

Core Beliefs: 

Goal:   To help you make hiring your competitive advantage

Fundamentally, does your company use the same hiring process as your competition?

(i.e., job descriptions, telephone interview, face-to-face interview, background checks, etc.)

What if you could keep those things – yet – gain a competitive advantage.

At one point in my career, I owned a manufacturing company that employed 195 employees.  I’d like to tell you that all our hires were great, but that simply was not the case.  However, we used those poor decisions as an opportunity to learn and improve our hiring process.

My managers and I focused on:

Tools We Used:

We had a Mission Statement – Hiring and very specific, strategic hiring forms with signatures that make our managers take ownership and be accountable for their hiring decisions. The hiring process can not be stagnant. The forms and our pre-hire assessments were essential for our annual “hit and misses” meeting where we identified areas in our hiring process that needed improvement.

One question on the form we focused on:  As the hiring manager, what will YOU do to help this new person succeed – quickly?

Is hiring your competitive advantage?  How can we help you?


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