Want to hire and keep more top performers?  Add 15 minutes to the current hiring.

Are you — fundamentally — hiring like everyone else?  (updating job descriptions, purchasing new software, doing multiple interviews, etc.)

Small changes can be easy, fast and strategic while adding only 15 minutes to your current process.  Why is this important?

Whole industries are changing literally overnight (Grub Hub, Uber, drones, Airbnb, etc.).  Even the best HR departments are having trouble keeping up.  Your employees know when you hire a “turkey.”  Hire enough turkeys and it will affect employee morale, turnover, engagement and the company’s future success.


Hiring is the front door to your future success. Yet, the current hiring process is fundamentally flawed.

Why? The hiring process relieves on resumes that can be professionally written and include enough keywords to ensure an interview, job descriptions and interview evaluations with only the most basic information, and websites that give candidates the best answers to interview questions.  Additionally, according to the FBI, fake diplomas and transcripts are a $1 Billion industry.

Where is paper trail that captures the hiring manager’s strategic thoughts about the needs for the open position?  (in writing and with a signature) Are candidates evaluated against those strategic needs or hired based on a good first impression? Will the candidate fit the job, the manager and the company’s culture?

We help companies make hiring their competitive advantage with a few easy-to-implement, strategic changes.

Call today if you want to hire more top performers who fit your culture.

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