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Why are 20% of your sales people doing 80% of your sales?Bald Eagle Soaring

There is an answer.   With a scientifically valid sales assessment you can measure the shared characteristics of your current top performers.  Then build a company-specific job benchmark  for future hiring, training,  coaching and mentoring.   There is a quantifiable reason why your top performers out sell the other members of your sales team.

NOTE:  Blue shaded area = Top Performers job benchmark

Yellow &  blue highlighted numbers = candidate’s scores compare to the benchmark


Sales Assessment

Sales Managers are always looking to hire more top performers and o “move the middle” of their sales team.

As Jack Welch, retired CEO, General Electric says: “The team with the best players wins.”

There are specific reasons your top performers are out-performing everyone else.  Measure their shared characteristics and the establish a clearly defined benchmark. The Profiles International Sales Assessment does that!  It provides scientifically valid information about your sales team members,and potential new hires, in six sales critical areas: prospecting, closing the sales, self-starting, working with a team, call reluctance,  and building and maintain relationships.

Key Benefits:

• Hire more sales people with similar traits to your top performers

• Clearly and objectively define the differences between your top (20%), middle (70%), bottom (10%) performers

• Make better decisions about where/how to invest training dollars

• Reduce sales force turnover

• Validated to over 500,000 people

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