Status Quo

Change to the status quo. 

Young people are finding new ways to solve old business problems.

For example: In 2008, two 35 years olds started Airbnb with no experience in the hotel industry.  They literally turned the market upside down.  Seven years later Airbnb’s sales were over $800M.

Note: Millennials will be 50% of the workplace within 3 years – now 32%.  On average, they stay only 2.3 years at a job.  To select and retain the best people companies are moving from “Job Fit to “Culture Fit” (job fit + manager fit + team fit) hiring model.

How will that affect my company’s hiring?

Are they looking at the world differently? Absolutely.  The status quo is their starting point for change. Underestimating their passion, determination and creative problem-solving ability will directly impact your employee engagement and retention.

Are you hiring for “job fit” or “culture fit?”