A Hiring Statement defines your culture.

A  Hiring Statement is a short, positive, non-discriminating statement about the employee characteristics needed to fulfill your Mission Statement.

 Why do I Need a Hiring Statement?

The short answer may be Earl Nightingale’s quote on goals: “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going. ”

Your Hiring Statement should become an integral part of all discussions concerning an open position, all interviews and the final hiring decisions.  When it becomes ingrained in your hiring process it will become both a benchmark and a constant reminder of the talent needed to succeed.  Here are some examples: 

Example #1:   We want to hire individuals who will take ownership of their job responsibilities and who want to improve themselves and the company. 

Example #2:   We want to hire passionate individuals who share our values and determination to help students succeed.  Never compromise by making a quick hiring decision.

Example #3:  We want bus drivers who are positive, even-tempered and safety conscience who can provide friendly customer service.

Does your company, department or product line have a Hiring Statement to define your culture?  How can we help you?