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Our Mission

  • To help our clients make hiring a competitive advantage.

Our Promise

  • We deliver actionable information to help managers hire, train, develop and motivate their team members.

Social Responsibility                                                                          

  • We give back in many forms,  but our primary focus is Autism Speaks.

About John Bishop

imageJohn Bishop is a Baby Boomer who is raising two grandchildren (17 and 10 years old).  That has forced me to look at the world from their perspective. It’s a little scary, but unbelievably exciting. Young people are turning everything upside down, shaking it, analyzing it and trying to improve it. Nothing is safe from their inquisitive eyes. Don’t believe me? Look at what has happened to two “safe” industries like taxi companies (Uber) and bed & breakfast operations (Airbnb). Rapid change is everywhere – including hiring.

He started his company – Hire to Compete – after twenty years of experience in managing people.    Mr. Bishop has owned two companies, was the Vice President – Sales at another company with 300 sales people and has authored three books to help people succeed.  He is a graduate of Babson College, a business school that specializes in entrepreneurial studies.  Mr. Bishop works with business owners, CEOs, Sales Executives and HR professionals to help them make hiring their competitive advantage.

Personally, John has motorcycled across the US, visited 49 of the 50 US states and traveled in Europe and Japan.  In spite of two very serious back injuries he has earned two Black Belts in martial arts.  He enjoys hiking and has spent seven days at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Today, he lives in St Louis with his wife and together they have two daughters and seven wonderful grandchildren.



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