Hiring Ideas – 2 Minute Read

Every few weeks, we will add a short, easy-to-implement hiring idea. Each will be written to help you make hiring your competitive advantage.  

Hiring Idea #10 – HR – Supporting Role or Strategic Partner?

Hiring is the front door to your future success.™

Question: Has your HR department – itself – kept up with the rapidly changing needs of your workforce.

HR should be an “A” position that requires an “A” player.  Anything less and your employees, your clients and your company’s financials will suffer.

Today’s employees want to be validated for what they bring to the company. They want to learn and grow professionally, want more life-work balance, and a manager they can respect.   Importantly, they want to know they are making a difference and contributing to something bigger than themselves.

Employees are far more open about their needs and will turnover or turn off if those needs are not meant.  To meet these challenges, CEOs must look at the HR function differently.  A supportive HR role is no longer acceptable.  HR must have a seat where the tactical decisions are made.

HR is basically in a supporting role if:

  • Your website identifies the key executives without including the head of HR
  • HR is not involved on the front-end of the company’s strategic decisions
  • Remote branches are “doing their own thing”
  • HR is blamed for an increase in the employee turnover rate
  • HR reports to the accounting or legal department
  • Managers say, “we would have hired better if HR had gotten us better candidates”
  • An executive drops a resume in HR’s desk and says “can you get the paperwork going? We just hired him/her, and they start in two weeks.”

If you answer “yes” to four or more, your company is at a significant disadvantage.  One way to gain a competitive advantage is by splitting the HR department.

  • Vice President – People and Culture – this includes the recruiting, leadership and talent development and onboarding. This is an executive level position with the person reports directly to the President/CEO.
  • Human Resources – Administration – reports to the CFO and includes the important support functions like benefits, payroll, compliance, etc.


Hiring Idea #9 – How NOT do Hire an “A” Player

Hiring is your front door to your future success.™

Companies want to hire high impact “A” players.  To accomplish this goal, senior executives and HR have developed detailed hiring methods.  However, within the company there are always managers who want to short circuit the process.  There are no short cuts when hiring “A” players.

10 Ways NOT to hire an “A” player:

  • The hiring manager does not have a clear picture of the job’s needs, challenges and goals
  • The hiring manager is unprepared or arrives late to the interview
  • The hiring manager seems distracted, stressed or impatient
  • The hiring manager hires based on first impression
  • The hiring manager is intimidated by the candidate’s qualifications
  • The hiring manager is not an “A” player
  • The hiring manager has an antiquated “I’m a good judge of character” attitude.
  • The hiring manager’s decision is based on job fit rather than culture fit
  • The hiring manager talks too much during the interview
  • The hiring manager thinks their current hiring skills are good and is unwilling to change

The world is changing at speeds never seen before.  Whole industries are experiencing revolutionary change.  Is the human side of your hiring process keeping up? Is hiring your competitive advantage?


Hiring Idea #8  – Did You Know?

  •  Fake college diploma– $1 Billion industry
  • 41% of all interviews are decided on appearance alone     Source: Investor’s Business Daily
  • 71% of all resumes contain fictitious information    Source: the national HR professional organization
  • Candidate can search – “Best answers to interview questions.”  Results: Amazon – 16 books……..Google – 14.2 million hits
  • Many candidates have multiple resumes– each targeted to a specific job, company or industry.  What is the candidate’s real passion?

Hiring is the front door to your future success. Is your current hiring method in need of a “tune up”?


Hiring Idea #7  – Validate Me – Please

Employees are saying –“Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.” 

They want companies to know and effectively use what they are “bringing to the table.”  Here is an example:

Several years ago, I became a Vice President with 300 sales people and 10 people in customer service.  One of my first jobs was to assess the talent in the department. Very quickly one woman stood out.

Two previous bosses let her languish in customer service.  However, with quality employee assessment tools, I validated that she was vastly underutilized.   With some coaching and training, she became a Product Manager for one of our major lines. Without those validation tools, she probably would have spent the next five years undervalued and simply accepting a paycheck.

Do you have “paycheck” employees?

Winning coaches accurately measure each player’s talents to determine how they can increase the team’s overall competitive strength.  Assessment tools that measure a candidate’s “job fit” and “culture fit” increase your competitive advantage with minimum costs.

How does that affect my hiring?

Can you use your current employee assessment tool for — selection, promotions, managerial fit, team development, culture fit, conflict resolution, career development, and coaching?


Hiring Idea #6  – Change Job Titles

The title “Manager” to today’s young employees means – guardian the status quo.

Change the job title – change a person’s perspective of their job responsibilities.  The new title is a constant reminder of the person’s top priorities.

Old Title New Title
Manager Coach or Head Coach
Executive VP Promoter of the Achievable
VP – Operations Catalyst for Positive Change
Marketing Manager Big Bang Guru
CEO Chief Inspiration Officer
Human Resources Director Employee Engagement Champion
Trainer Facilitator of Growth

How does this affect my hiring?

Every day managers and executives will be reminded how they can positively impact the company’s future.


Hiring Idea #5 – College Degree

Are you a college degree snob?

Many managers only want to interview candidates with a degree.  Perhaps they should reconsider:

  • Fake diplomas and transcripts – $1 Billion industry see the websites for Phony Diploma, Next Day Diploma, etc.
  • Successful people without a degree – Simon Cowell, Thomas Edison,  JK Rowling, Rachael Ray, Dave Thomas (Wendy’s), Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc.

How does that affect my hiring?

  • Life may have gotten in the way of a person finishing their college degree.  (i.e. sick parents, money issues, etc.)
  • There is an enormous pool of intelligent, talented, loyal candidates who are looking for a real-world opportunity.  Look for people who have taken initiative under difficult circumstances and/or who have a sense of urgency.
  • If the person fits your culture you both win.


Hiring Idea #4 – Background Checks

Have a problem getting information about a candidate from a past employer?

Many companies will only give the ex- employee’s hire and termination dates.  Here is what I’ve used to get around that roadblock.

I begin the my conversation with the candidate’s manager with “Can you help me?” Most people want to help.  If the manager is still reluctant, I ask them two more questions:

  • Does your company have a policy against re-hiring an ex-employee?  If they say “no,” then I ask question #2.
  • Would you rehire _____(candidate’s name)?  If there is a long pause, you have just received some valuable information for your hiring decision.  


Hiring Idea #3  – Status Quo

Change to the status quo. 

Young people are finding new ways to solve old business problems.

For example: In 2008, two 35 years olds started Airbnb with no experience in the hotel industry.  They literally turned the market upside down.  Seven years later Airbnb’s sales were over $800M.

Note: Millennials will be 50% of the workplace within 3 years – now 32%.  On average, they stay only 2.3 years at a job.  To select and retain the best people companies are moving from “Job Fit to “Culture Fit” (job fit + manager fit + team fit) hiring model.

How will that affect my company’s hiring?

Are they looking at the world differently? Absolutely.  The status quo is their starting point for change. Underestimating their passion, determination and creative problem solving ability will directly impact your employee engagement and retention.   

Are you hiring for “job fit” or “culture fit?”


Hiring Idea #2 – Employee engagement

Want to improve employee engagement?  Get a signature.   

Hiring is not a single event.  It is the beginning of an employee engagement process that includes meaningful employee onboarding, talent development, internal career planning, motivation, goal setting, etc.

Too often managers say “We would have hired better if HR had gotten us better interviewees.”   Essentially, that means the hiring manager has not taken ownership for their hiring decisions and/or the employee’s development.

Why do I need a hiring manager’s signature?

With a signature comes ownership and accountability.  Have the manager develop a road map for the new employee’s success, and then get their commitment for implementation with their signature.


Hiring Idea #1 – Hiring – Mission Statement 

Do you have a Mission Statement – Hiring?

The Mission Statement – Hiring is a short, positive, non-discriminating expression about the employee characteristics you need to fulfill your Mission Statement.  The statement is in front of all hiring managers for every interview.

Example:  We want to hire passionate, innovative individuals who have a sense of urgency and a take charge approach to life.

Example:  We want individuals who will take ownership of their job responsibilities, and who want to improve themselves and the company.

Why do I need it?

The Mission Statement – Hiring becomes both a benchmark and a constant reminder of what is needed to drive your Mission Statement.