Validate Me as a Person

Employees are saying –“Validate me as a person or lose me as an employee.” 

They want companies to know and effectively use what they are “bringing to the table.”  Here is an example:

Several years ago, I became a Vice President with 300 sales people and 10 people in customer service.  One of my first jobs was to assess the talent in the department. Very quickly one woman stood out.

Two previous bosses let her languish in customer service.  However, with quality employee assessment tools, I validated that she was vastly underutilized.   With some coaching and training, she became a Product Manager for one of our major lines. Without those validation tools, she probably would have spent the next five years undervalued and simply accepting a paycheck.

Do you have “paycheck” employees?

Winning coaches accurately measure each player’s talents to determine how they can increase the team’s overall competitive strength.  Assessment tools that measure a candidate’s “job fit” and “culture fit” increase your competitive advantage with minimum costs.

How does that affect my hiring?

Can you use your current employee assessment tool for — selection, promotions, managerial fit, team development, culture fit, conflict resolution, career development, and coaching?