What is Your Hiring Brand?

Real-world examples of situations that are negatively affecting their company’s Hiring Brand:

  • Manager turnover. A Midwest company hired a new Director of Human Resources whose LinkedIN profile lists six jobs in ten years.  How will the employees react to the new person’s changes to policies if they think the Director will be gone 1 -2 years?
  • Abusive personality. A manufacturing company hired a new COO who quickly gained the reputation as “the screamer.”  Employees started voting with their feet and turnover became a serious problem.
  • Ineffective management. A large retail store had an employee that management called “the bitcher” because he never said anything good about the company.  Recently, he received his 10-year pin during one of their daily employee meetings.
  • Theft. An 800-person distribution company found $60,000 had been stolen from their largest branch in an important market.  The branch manager, who had major contacts in that marketplace, was the chief suspect.   Three months after the discovery the Regional VP had not even investigated or discussed the theft with the manager.

Today’s employees are tech savvy and impatient with the status quo.   They respect people – not their title.  If management does not effectively deal with performance issues, they can expect to be trashed on social media.  That will have a lasting effect on your Hiring Brand.