Employee Engagement Idea

Employee engagement starts BEFORE the interview.

Employees leave their managers, not the company.  Studies suggest that most turnover and engagement issues are directly related to the employee – manager “fit.” Yet, companies still hire based on job fit alone vs. job fit and manager fit + culture fit.

Your hiring and promotion process has a direct impact on your current engagement and retention issues.  A few small adjustments to your hiring process will give you more manager fit and increase employee engagement.

  • PRIOR to starting the hiring process, have the hiring manager write down their strategic thoughts about the open position and sign it.  Review before all interviews and making the hiring decision.


  • The company may have a “formal’ company on-boarding process.  But, often there is an “informal” employee lead process to teach the new team members “the ropes.”  Is the “informal” onboarding process a positive for the company or is it lead by one of your problem employees?