Generation Z

Gen Z

Teenagers started a huge national movement that adults could not – or would not – do.  Are there any takeaways for C-Suite executives and HR professionals?

Yes!  A titanic shift in workplace demographics is taking shape. Over the next couple of years, today’s teenagers will combine with Millennial – already the biggest segment of the workforce – to significantly impact how we do business.  Together, they will be over 65% of the labor market.  Additionally, Baby Boomers are retiring at record numbers.  Result: Revolutionary change at speeds we have never seen before.

Is your company ready?

Generation Z (The speed of Millennials x 2)

  • They are not afraid to force change when necessary
  • They respect managers who act – not just talk and delay
  • They will use social media to challenge the status quo
  • They saw how the Great Recession impacted their parents
  • Smartphones are their lifeline to the instant everything world
  • With social media, every employee can make or break your company’s reputation
  • On-boarding starts in the interview

Will the people you hire today be the people you need tomorrow? Hiring is the front door to your future success. ™