Successful Coaches

Successful coaches focus on four questions when selecting top talent:

  • Will the person add talent to the team?
  • Will they work well with the other team members?
  • Will they take ownership of their job responsibilities?
  • How will I help this person learn, grow and succeed?

Their responses are in writing, and with their signatures, so they can regularly review, update and enhance their selection process.

Once hired, new members of a successful team are given the tools they need to succeed – direction, encouragement, dignity, self-respect and inspiration.   Successful coaches make it their mission to help them succeed.  With individual success comes team success.

Managers, are you doing the same?  Life at work greatly influences your employee’s life at home.  How  are you positively impacting your employees’ feelings of self-worth?

Benefit:  Hiring becomes your competitive advantage with the bonus of increased employee engagement and retention.