College Degrees Snob

Are you a college degree snob?

Many managers only want to interview candidates with a degree.  Perhaps they should reconsider:

  • Fake diplomas and transcripts – $1 Billion industry see the websites for Phony Diploma, Next Day Diploma, etc.
  • Successful people without a degree – Simon Cowell, Thomas Edison,  JK Rowling, Rachael Ray, Dave Thomas (Wendy’s), Richard Branson, Bill Gates, etc.

How does that affect my hiring?

  • Life may have gotten in the way of a person finishing their college degree.  (i.e. sick parents, money issues, etc.)
  • There is an enormous pool of intelligent, talented, loyal candidates who are looking for a real-world opportunity.  Look for people who have taken initiative under difficult circumstances and/or who have a sense of urgency.
  • If the person fits your culture – you both win.